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The Master Oil List - Ambergris-Anointing

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Ambergris: Use this oil with any other success oils for added effect, or just as a perfume.
Mix this with orris oil and add to bath water to attract members of the opposite sex to you.

American Voodoo: Add to any charms etc., for extra power. In rituals use to anoint all materials used.

Amun: When attempting to derive inspiration to create or to permeate a new start, Anoint oneself or personal candle and call to this ancient Egyptian deity for the help you need to encourage new beginnings.

Ancient Wisdom: Use for help when calling the spirits or spirit guides. Anoint a white candle and leave to burn during the night. (See also Proverbs; chapter 8, verse 11)

A New Life: For new starts, the divorced or separated, anoint a gold candle for excitement and well being in your life. This may also be used in your bath water to the same ends.

Angel: Use this when invoking Angels as an offering oil in a dish, Likewise Anoint a pink candle to either invoke angelic aid or to attract friends. To bring peace to the home use on a white candle. This oil may be added to rituals concerning love and friendship, or in conjunction with any like wise oils of that type.

Angel Delight: Not the popular cream desert, But a thanking and offering oil, used to gain help from the spirits by anointing a blue candle and burning, or alternately leave it out in an offering dish for thanks to the spirits, and let them drink deep of the aroma.

Angel from paradise: Used by pregnant mothers to ensure a healthy baby and trouble free pregnancy. Place a few drops in the bath water once a week throughout pregnancy.

Angelica: Used for contacting the angelic or calling them for help or support, love or strength, or use with the appropriate angel oil, either anoint self or corresponding colour candle.

Anger: Use this on yourself or others when anger is brewing, the quick fix solution is rub behind the ears and across the forehead and repeating psalm 36, or either rub on forehead and the back, then take a bath, anoint a white figure candle and recite psalm 23.

Anhk: See spirit oil.

Animal: Similar to tiger oil, for bringing out the animal in the shy and timid. Use in the bath water or as a perfume.

Animals: This has nothing to do with the previous entry, As this oil is concerned with the communication with animals, mundane or spirit. Anoint self to attract and communicate with normal animals, or anoint a blue candle while attempting any contacting of totem/animal spirits etc.

Anise/Aniseed: A popular oil used by Voodooists and clairvoyants for increased sight when scrying and divination. Use in bath water or anoint white candles. In its pure form to anoint and clean crystals and crystal balls, tarot cards/boxes. Professionals may even use it to asperge their premises with it. Can also be used to add extra power to spells or rituals requiring or asking for luck.
All in all, a very multi-purpose oil.

Anointing: A general all round anointing oil, used for dressing all manner or equipment and candles for any use you may have in mind.

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