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The Master Oil List - Ajo-Macho-Amber

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Ajo Macho: Used to protect ones self from the envy of others, from witchcraft and to attract luck. Anoint the self or use a personal candle that has been anointed with the oil.

Anima sola: This oil is used to help the spirits of the dead cross over to the other side with more ease. When somebody dies, sprinkle around the afflicted room then touch them in the shape of the cross on the forehead. This will aid their passage to the other world smoother.
This oil can also be used to recover items that have been lost.

Albion: This oil is dedicated to this god, son of Poseidon and patron Greek god of Briton.
God to all seafarers and boatwrights. Pray to him and use this oil if needing help when travelling over water and for power if you yourself are British or, of British decent.

Algiers: This is to create ambiance and mood wherever it is used. Anoint a light bulb with this to create an alluring sense to any situation. Warning, take care when anointing the bulb as not to cause overheating.

Algiers fast luck: Use this in any luck or fortune rituals, charms etc. Anoint a green candle and burn to attract luck and good fortune.

Alien: For the use of the contact of extraterrestrial beings or other dimensional entities, or simply other worldly forces. Use on white candles.

All Healing: Use this oil when attempting spiritual healing of any type. To apply healing to others, use a few drops on hands to aid the transference of energies from one to another, or alternatively use upon image dolls or candles, or a personal candle can be employed all for spiritual help at healing yourself or others. This is also said to work well by adding a few drops to the bath water to ease pain.

All-Purpose: This oil goes right across the board for the myriad of its uses. You should ideally employ this when wanting to add extra power to your consecrations or are simply confused about which oil to make use of.

All Saints: A good success oil. For successful business deals, mix this with better business oil and anoint a blue candle. Also add to business incenses, candles etc., just to aid your ventures.

All Spice: To help students study, anoint their shoes and also a purple candle.
To add more willpower to achieve success, rub on feet and navel. Apply to neckline for more energy and incentive for the idle, gives ambition in all fields of achievement.
Can be utilised as per all saints oil for success in rituals by adding to other rites.

Almond: To calm foes down, anoint a white figure candle. To attract money and also save it, anoint wallet or purse daily. To attract much money add to fast luck or wealthy way incense (usually one drop per spoonful.) This can also be an aid for wakefulness, dab over eyebrows every morning when getting out of bed to make oneself more alert.

Altar: A sanctifying oil. Should be used on altar at least once a week (particularly on a Sunday.)
Use this to consecrate altar and all manner of ritual tools. Leave a dish containing this oil on the altar as an offering for appeasement.

Altaric: See Earth oil.

Amarra Hombre: This is used by women and homosexuals to trap and bind their man/men.
Mix with controlling oil and anoint a controlling candle.

Amber: A protection oil. For protection against a person trying to break up your relationship, Anoint a white figure candle and write your partners name on it. Then anoint a black figure candle; burn them both for 10 minutes daily until the problem dissipates.
For protection from harm, anoint a Breastplate of Moses seal (from the 6th and 7th books of Moses.)
And continue to anoint it every 7 days to keep it charged. This oil can be used in conjunction with all manner of protection oils and agents etc.

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