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The Master Oil List- Attraction-Azrael

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Attraction: All-purpose attracting agent for all things. To find a mate, wear as a perfume and put in bath water every 7 days. To attract luck, put a few drops in your shoes. To attract money, mix with other money drawing oils and anoint a green candle. Can be used to bring out the attraction qualities of other oils.

Attraction for love: Use to attract love to oneself and for use in love charms. Can be used daily in bath water.

Attraction for money: Used to attract money, anoint all money charms, use in money rituals for extra help, put in bath water to draw money your way. Use on green candles.

Aura: To sense others or yourselves auras better, anoint the forehead and neck, chant this with each dab;
"I wish my aura to be clear,
Let it gently, simply appear,
Reveal the colours soft & bright,
That it may shine a crystal light."

Aura cleansing: Use on self or candle to help unblock and cleanse the aura through meditation.

Aura of enchantment: Use this to anoint yourself or items etc. to give an allure that will impress and charm anyone, Friend or foe alike.

Autumn: A relaxation oil, used for calming. Put this in the bath or use on the body at home.
Anoint the palms before making any big decisions or overcoming any large barriers, helps maintain a calm perspective on things and gives a stronger point of view.

Autumn Equinox: A ritual oil to be used on the autumn equinox (Mabon or Mid Harvest, 21st /29th September.) to celebrate and get more out of the festival so your energies may be more in tune.

Autumn leaves: As Autumn oil.

Avocado: For gaining money very fast, anoint a green candle with this and place a silver coin underneath, then petition your prayers to it.

Axe: This oil is used to break up relationships or rid/banish dangerous addictions.
Either apply to oneself or anoint a candle and write on a piece of parchment your petition, then place under the candle, burn the candle until there is no more, and repeat daily until you are comfortable enough to feel free of the habit.

Azalea: A calming oil, to uplift and ease your burdens, use it every morning and pray;
"Bless my work this day,
Let kindness come with all I say,
Should I meet someone in need,
Help me to heal, never impede."

Azrael: Use this oil when attempting any type of regression or trying to reach into the past.
Use while scrying or trying to unlock Ancient mysteries of all types.

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