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Know Your Enemy Hoodoo Tarot Spread

By moontoadie (anniken divination systems author)

source: http://www.mytarotspreads.com/ts_ViewSpread.mdv?Spread=cf02b3404cadbfbb42b1a3455b9e68a2

To help get a clearer view of your enemy, what to expect and how to resolve the relationship. When doing any kind of revealing work, especially revealing divination, I recommend lighting a yellow candle dressed with clarity oil and praying Psalm 44 over the candle.

1 Who is my enemy
2 The personal traits or appearance of my enemy.
3 Why is this person my enemy?
4 The motivation behind that person.
5 What has this person done to me?
6 Past issues, known or unknown, caused by this person.
7 Future action
8 What future action will this person do that will negatively affect me?
9 Resolution
10 How can I best deal with this person?

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