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Cleansing and Blessing Through Empowering Prayers

copyright 2010 Medium Renso Ryokan

 I cannot say enough though that the most important part in performing a house cleansing is that the words are spoken with conviction. You must believe in their power as well as your own, and stand against any force without fear. Claim yourself and your space as yours and yours only. If possible, light white candles and use sage or holy water to cleanse each area individually.

Once you have everything ready to start the house cleansing you (and other present) should say this first:

The light of God surrounds me
The love of God enfolds me
The power of God protects me
The presence of God watches over me
Wherever I am, God is, and all is well.

This next prayer should be said while spreading the holy water or sage throughout a room and especially if you feel uneasy or losing confidence. This is great for protection and self empowerment over anything that may attempt to hinder you.

By the power of God, I am in control.
By the will of God, I am the authority in my life.
By the grace of God, I am divinely protected by the light of my being.
I close off my aura and body of light to all but my god self. Thank you God and so it is.

Once ready for the final cleansing prayer, stand in the center area of the location and recite this prayer. Repeat as many times or in certain areas if you feel the need to do so. These words should be spoken with great conviction:

Beloved father god, we call on the light of the holy spirit to erect in the center and corners of this home a pillar of white light of the Christ energy. Extending from the center of the earth to the highest heaven. We ask this pillar of light to attract to it any unbalanced, disharmonious, or negative energy, and raise it up to the highest heaven where it will be transmuted to positive energy of love and joy. We ask this in the name and through the power of Jesus and the Christ consciousness and light. Thank you god and so it is.

Once you have finished, use this prayer to close any doorway and keep any darkness from coming to you. You can say this as much and as many times as you feel the need to. This is another great prayer on its own for self-empowerment and protection.

Dear God
Let your infusion and grace encompass me and my loved ones.
Let it last throughout all our lives until we are joined with you and with each other in heaven.
Let us not feel alone or sick. We ask for the holy spirit's healing grace
to enter every cell of this vehicle we call body.
Let us link our souls like a giant shaft which will appear for everyone in need.

I want my energy to be boosted and all darkness removed.
I am a child of God.
I am free from any darkness.
I want to be liberated from any dark force.
My very being is illuminated in all areas.
I am empowered with the will of almighty God, to be fruitful, and to be optimistic.
I am resting in your hands, and in your heart father God.
Please direct me, give me peace, and show me the way.

Again, this information is for anyone looking not only for prayers to use in blessing/cleansing space they inhabit, but also for empowerment and protection. I have found these prayers to be very powerful and effective over the years, and hope others will as well. I truly feel this knowledge was meant to be shared with others, but like I said in the beginning. Please do not try and perform a house cleansing yourself in a location known to be haunted without the proper experience, and knowing how to prepare one's self before such an encounter. Nevertheless, enjoy these beautiful and powerful Christian prayers my fellow brothers and sisters of light.

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