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Here's How to Talk to a Difficult Boss
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Here's How to Talk to a Difficult Boss

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There is no need to suffer with a difficult boss.  Here are tips that will help you on how to talk to a difficult boss.

It may sound eerily common but almost all of us have faced a difficult boss at some point in our professional lives. When such a situation arises, it is extremely frustrating for all the employees to cope with. Most people in a particular workplace are diligent workers and have a certain amount of passion for the work they do. However, a difficult and unreasonable boss can really make things unbearable. In extreme cases, it can be a destructive influence in an otherwise healthy work atmosphere.

The problems of having a difficult boss compound themselves when you have to interact directly with the person. If it is a sensitive issue that you wish to discuss, things can get even tougher. You cannot expect the person opposite you to be reasonable and understanding. Hence, you will need a lot of tact to deal with the matter carefully.

The first thing to remember when talking to a difficult boss is not to get cocky. Confidence is never a bad thing but if you are too confident and relaxed, it may spark off an outburst from the other side. On the other hand, don't look too meek and submissive. This way, you will invite the wrath of your boss on yourself. Be just confident enough.

The second thing is politeness. In offices today, employees are often encouraged to treat the boss as their friend. Do not go this way if you have a boss with a famous temper or a truckload of sarcasm. You will only invite some of it on yourself. Be polite and firm and give your boss the necessary respect and little more.

The third thing to remember while talking to a difficult boss is proper phrasing. This is especially important when you are discussing something which is certain not to appeal to your boss in the best way. While it may not sound great, a certain extent of careful phrasing is necessary when putting forward your point. Moreover, do not be blunt with your words. Carefully explain what you have to say and be patient. In most cases, even difficult bosses see the point that you are making even if they will not admit it immediately.

As with all walks of life, it is extremely important to do your own work properly so that other people don't get a chance to complain. This is more important if your boss is a difficult person to interact with. Always remember, if you know you are clean, it will infuse with enough confidence to interact with even the most difficult of people. Use that confidence against your boss.

Lastly and most importantly, never let the boss's temper get the better of your self-respect. No matter how difficult a person your boss is, he is not the dictator of your life. Never cross the limits of politeness and submission. No matter how difficult a boss you have, he will certainly accept this fact and appreciate the fact that you have a spine and are not submissive.

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