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Days of the Week Correspondences

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This is a treatment about the corresponding days of the week which are good for casting spells or performing rituals:

Monday (Moon)

This day is ruled by lunar energy, psychic abilities (clairvoyance) and pursuits, dream work, spellwork involving emotional, family, and feminine issues; astral work and projection, and scrying (looking into the invisible or nether world by gazing at or into a crystal ball, pool of water, or blackened mirror for knowledge, intuition, and to predict

the future), childbirth, and general domestic spirituality. Biological influence: Brain, left eye, digestion, right arm, and intestines.

Tuesday (Mars)

This day is ruled by the God of War who also is the God of Agriculture-two forms of massive energy, one for war and destruction, self-assertion, directing one's actions for the best results, strength, and courage; and the other for seeding and planting, growth, and harvesting; masculine issues, spells requiring high energy, and Ceremonial Magick (CM); and spells of desire and passion for things one wants. Biological influence: Left ear, reproductive organs, lungs, kidneys, and gall bladder.

Wednesday (Mercury)

This day is ruled by the messenger of the gods. Divination, consulting with the oracles, and planning rituals; communication, learning and wisdom, travel, creativity and self expression, and spells involving inductive and deductive reasoning and mental issues. Biological influence: Right hand, tongue, liver, right foot, and brain.

Thursday (Jupiter)

This day is ruled by the processes in your life, your philosophical levels of thinking, and how you relate to the rest of the world mentally; spells for wealth, prosperity, money, luck (games of chance); business activities, expansion, ventures; political power and influence, insurance matters and legal affairs. Biological influence: Ribs, stomach, circulatory system, forehead, lungs, and liver.

Friday (Venus)

This day is ruled by the Goddess of Beauty and Love; spells for love, marriage, romance, relationships, beauty, sensuality and seduction, healing, artistic ability, peace, music and entertainment, passion, the environment, harmony, charisma, and magnetic attraction. Be very wary and careful when casting spells of the heart because these types of spells are difficult to reverse and undo. Biological influence: Reproductive organs, left arm, throat, liver, and stomach.

Saturday (Saturn)

This day is ruled by how structure in the cycles of your life is perceived either as an obstacle, limitation, repression, oppression, and restriction or as a way for you to conduct and lead a productive, balanced, and orderly life; this is a day of great Karmic influences and activities; spells for protection, spells that involve neutralizing harmful energy and obstacles, bindings, banishings; and spells which free you and your spirit. Biological influence: Spleen, teeth, bladder, brain, right ear, and left foot.

Sunday (Sun)

This day is ruled by vitality, energy, illumination, and reflectivity of the Sun God Ra/Re; this is a very good day for all kinds of eclectic spellwork and magical activities involving health, healing, and overall well-being; this includes spell casting and ritual work centered around power and strength, achieving one's goals and success in life, joy and happiness, career, sports, and prosperity. Biological influence: Brain, heart, head, and right eye.

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