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If you life seems to be one tragedy after another, it could be because someone has put a curse on you from beyond the grave!

That’s the startling revelation of famed psychic Dr. Andy Reiss who says the departed spirits of cruel people have the power to bring unhappiness, pain, illness and financial ruin to the living.

“If someone didn’t like you while they were alive, it’s very likely that they’ll carry that grudge to the grave with them,” says Dr. Reiss.

“Their resentments keep their souls earthbound, unable to move to the higher plane of existence in the afterlife. And if they think you wronged them, they’ll often take their frustrations out on you.”

But the good news is that you can break those evil spells and bring happiness back to your life by following this simple formula, given exclusively to Weekly World News by the noted Californian metaphysician whose psychic gifts have helped thousands lead happy and successful lives.


“The first step in getting relief is recognizing that someone is bringing you bad luck or poor health,” Dr. Reiss says.

“Are you tired and miserable most of the time even though you’ve done nothing to wear yourself out? Is your money situation going from bad to worse, even though you’re doing everything you can to succeed? Is your health failing? If so, think back and try to remember: Did these problems start right around the time when someone who disliked you died?

“If they did, it may well be that this person is reaching across the barrier between life and death – sapping your energy, jinxing your finances and working evil on your body by making you sick.”


You can be free of the curse in three nights by doing these easy but important things. 

1. Exactly at sunset on the first evening, stand with a glass of salt water and sprinkle it in a circle around you. Just put two tablespoons of salt in a glass of tap water and stir until salt dissolves.

2. At sunset on the second night, write the dead person’s name on a small piece of paper and burn it. In your mind, let this symbolize that you are free of them and that their power over you has burnt away.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you do this in a safe place so the fire doesn’t spread.

3. At sunset on the third night, sit quietly with an ice cube in a cup and watch as it melts. As you watch, imagine that the ice cube represents your problems.

Do these things on three consecutive evenings, exactly at sunset. When you wake up the next morning you should begin to feel relief. As the days go by, your troubles should dissolve.

Dr. Reiss stresses that if you are ill, this process is not meant to replace your doctor. Not all sickness is the result of a hex. So be sure to consult your physician about any health problems.