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Basic Candle Protection  Working

CorrespondencesDay: Saturday
Hour: 1st/8th hour after sunrise; 3rd/10th hour after sunset
Planet: Saturn
Moon Phase: waxing/to bring protection to you; waning/to banish whatever you need protection from
Color: black
Herbs: fennel, mint, sage, thistle, night-shade (poisonous)– Nightshade is poisonous and can be absorbed through the skin. Handle it with gloved hands only- if you handle it at all! If you burn it, which I wouldn’t advise, don’t inhale the fumes.–, black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic, dill- especially protects children
Oil: Banishing Oil or Mars Astrological Oil (good stuff)
Incense: protection or FWOP
Number: 8
Letters: H, Q, Z
Names:  write the name of who or what you want protected on the candle or on a petition paper
Angel: The Archangel Michael -- Saint Michael has long been invoked for protection against enemies of the spirit, as well as the physical body.

Using the correspondences above, set up your sacred space, dress your candle with oil and the herbs. What exactly is it that you feel you need protection from? If it’s an individual and you are fortunate enough to have their photo in your possession, place it on a small mirror and circle it with salt and graveyard dirt, trapping them within. Burn the spell candle near this image. If it’s a situation, create a mojo bag using these correspondences and the remains of your spell candle, inserting into the bag those items connected in some way with the troublesome situation or people involved.