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Hoodoo Rooster
a series of articles about hoodoo, rootwork, and African derived religious traditions
Different Kinds of Jewish Holy Annointing Oils

- for strength and protection
Cedars of Lebanon - Dedication & Devotion
Cinnamon - Strength & Protection
Covenant Oil - Passion & Courage, for marriage partners, for promises with G-d
Frankincense and Myrrh - Spirit of Prophecy
Hyssop - Healing / Intercession
King's Garments - Purification & Empowerment special blend of Myrrh, Aloes and Cassia
Glory of the King  - Myrrh
Pomegranate - Grace & Peace
Rose of Sharon - Blessings & Favor
Spikenard - Beauty of the Beloved. It speaks of the Bride’s extravagant adoration of and intimacy with the Bridegroom, in total abandonment, without regard to cost.
"The Fragrance of the Bride", for it symbolizes the Bride who has made herself ready. 
Song of Sol 1:12 "While the king sits at his table, my spikenard sends forth its fragrance."
Worship & Praise


Frankincense: used on the Altar of Incense in temple times Song of Songs 3:6, Isaiah 53:5, Hebrews 3:24

Myrrh: Queen Esther bathed in oil of myrrh for six months before her presentation to the King (purification, dying to self, and preparation for the KING) Esther 2:12, Song of Songs 1:13

Hyssop: exotic Biblical plant used in cleansing rituals and in certain sacrifices of the Hebrews (cleansing, purification) Psalm 51:7

Cedars of Lebanon: fragrant wood used to build Temple and also to anoint a restored leper’s house (strength, permanence, wholeness, restoration) Psalm 92:12

Pomegranate: highly prized fruit from ancient times, its motif was used to decorate the temple and was embroidered on high priest’s garment (fruitfulness, abundance, blessings, favor of God) Numbers 13:23

Spikenard:  the beauty of the bride, devotion and intimacy

Rose of Sharon: flower depicting the beloved (beauty of the bride) Song of Songs 2:1

Cassia: one principal spice of the Holy Anointing Oil used to anoint priests, kings and their garments. The coming King Messiah’s robes will smell of cassia (humility, being stripped of pride, set apart or holy with a servant’s heart) Psalm 45:8
Covenant: a special blending of the fragrances of the Bridegroom (Frankincense & Myrrh), the Bride (Spikenard) and the Spirit of G-d (Hyssop/Holy Fire) (marriage covenant in Hebrew) Ex 24:1-8