Hoodoo Conjure

Hoodoo Rooster
a series of articles about hoodoo, rootwork, and African derived religious traditions
Jewish (Hebrew) Influences in Hoodoo Conjure.

The Menorah
The Origins of the Menorah
Menorah Candles

How to Light a Menorah
Menorah Candle Spells

Jewish Candle Spells
Healing Candle Spell (4 nights)

Jewish Anointing Oils
About Annointing Oils
Different Kinds of Annointing Oils
Using Annointing Oils
Spiritual Significance of Annointing Oils

Ritual Baths
The Mikveh - Purifying Waters of Life

My Jewish Learning: Magic and the Supernatural
My Jewish Learning: Incantations, Spells, and Adjurations
Hebrew Language and Alphabet
Practical Kabbalah
The Golem
Techniques for Making a Golem
Jewish Magic and Superstition
Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism
Kabbalah 101
Jewish Spells: The Secret Language of Amulets
Jewish Healing: List of Herbs